Masculinity struts its stuff – an interim flash

I have been rather amused to learn two new expressions lately, proving one is never too old to learn. These both relate to particular inflections of masculinity, the feral and the hegemonic. Regarding bottom-feeder feral masculinity, the repeat offender Todd Carney’s act of ‘bubbling’ has been caught on social media. What a surprise. Ah Rugby League, the gift that keeps on giving.

Bubbling of course is a much less offensive practice than ‘buttering’, an ugly practice integral to team bonding through gang rape, which has been exposed over the years in that code. Some of these vicious NRL rapists seem to have slipped out of the net, while an idiotic but pretty harmless bubbler gets expelled forthwith from the culture. I doubt very much that Carney will be repatriated, unlike for instance, Matthew Johns who is a high profile sexual assault rehabilitee.

In the hegemonic masculinity arena, former French president Nicolas Sarkozy is charged with corruption and ‘influence peddling’, a similarly intriguing, but of course less overtly graphic term than bubbling. I am sure many politicians worldwide ‘influence peddle’ most likely for most of the time. In Australia it manifests as politicians buttering up (not used here in the sense of gang-raping) lobbyists, pressure groups and media magnates, doling out to those who donate handsomely to Party funds such prizes as privileged access, highly paid boys’ club jobs and lucrative deals e.g.shafting the ABC in Asia etc etc.


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