Another year older…

GOMA GIG photobook


Being only 75% ok with technology, here I am again in blogland at the over-ripe age of 75. For those who haven’t heard,  I became this venerable – scary? – age earlier this month.

Fingers crossed that the slideshow documenting those 75 years will actually work here for you to upload and view comfortably at your leisure  – and, hopefully, to be an enjoyable distraction in this complex dark time of quarantining. The leafing together of these photos has, understandably. triggered a range of emotions for me – joy, sadness, fun, pride, regret … over the several deeply reflective months I spent  assembling this textured piece.

From a creative point of view, this photo work has also now emerged as a useful visual launchpad from which to begin my next venture – writing my memoir.

Thanks very much to my niece Jenny for the several classy slides that I pinched from the lovely photobook she created for me when I turned 70.

And thanks very much also to my dear friends, family, workmates, past lovers, animals etc – who helped me weave this life into whatever appears here as my ‘tapestry’ – as Carol King would say. As with any subjective text, this multi-layered piece is open to interpretation.

As I commented recently at a sweet, joyous celebration with close family and friends – this handy slideshow is all ready to go for my funeral!!